Why Choose Renew Wellness and Recovery?

Renew Wellness & Recovery is a leader in women’s addiction treatment. What makes Renew different from other treatment facilities? Renew is not only committed to helping women recover from addiction, but also offers a holistic, compassionate and individual approach. This empowers women and helps them embrace enduring recovery. Start your trial.

Holistic healing for the mind, body, and spirit

Renew Wellness & Recovery understands addiction as a multi-faceted illness that involves physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements. Renew uses a holistic healing approach.

Renew offers a variety of therapies to women who enroll in the program, such as art therapy, yoga and trauma-informed treatment. The therapies are designed to go beyond the addiction treatment, and target the root causes of drug abuse and its contributing factors. Holistic models acknowledge that women’s well-being as a whole must be supported to ensure lasting recovery.

Atmosphere Small and Personal

Renew Wellness & Recovery, unlike many other treatment centers in the area, keeps their program small and intimate. Only seven women are housed at any given time. This creates a safe and comfortable environment for women to feel heard, understood, and cared about.

The smaller size of the group allows each woman to receive a tailored treatment based on her unique circumstances and needs. This ensures no woman gets left behind in the crowd and that everyone is given the care and attention they deserve.

Double Diagnosis Treatment

Renew has dual-diagnosis therapy, which is one of only a few treatment centers to offer this. Renew offers women comprehensive treatment that includes not just addiction, but also mental illness, trauma and relationship issues.

The dual diagnosis approach recognizes these factors as contributing to the addiction. They must also be addressed simultaneously in order for recovery to last.

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