The Best Online Music Stores

Nearly everyone has an MP3 or other audio player these days. CDs are fast becoming obsolete. Digital music is constantly on the rise and people are looking for the best online music stores where they can purchase their favourite songs. Although there are many online music stores that allow you to download music store, there is a handful that stands out for their selection and quality of service.

Napster was one of the first to pioneer the digital music revolution. It is still in operation as a subscription service. As part of their monthly subscription, members have access to over four million songs and can listen at their own pace. Napster is also available for purchase if a person does not wish to commit to a monthly membership. Even though it was only established in 2007, the Amazon MP3 Store has accumulated a collection of more than three million songs. While the number of songs available may not seem like much, it is a huge advantage to this store as all songs are in DRM-Free MP3 formats. This allows customers to download music without restrictions.

Apple’s iTunes is undisputedly the best music store online. The iTunes store has over 6 million songs and users can download any song, as well as multiple audiobooks, podcasts, and movies. iTunes has recently added The Beatles to its library. It’s easy to see how so many music lovers prefer iTunes for their digital music. Music fans prefer to download music rather than purchase CDs. It is fast and convenient. There are many music sellers online, each offering their own benefits. Everybody can quickly find and download music they like, whether they are looking to subscribe to a monthly service.