High pressure sales tactics are not recommended for piano buyers – it is possible to buy a piano without needing!

The pressure of piano shopping can make it a stressful experience. You don’t have to rush if you’re not familiar with pianos. The needs and concerns of the average buyer or first-time piano buyer often conflict with the advice they receive when shopping. What advice can you seek without being pressured to buy something that may not be right for your situation? To answer that question let’s take a look at some typical piano buyers. I will call them Hilton Piano Center.

Typical Piano Shopping Concerns

The Forte family wants their children to learn the piano. But, just like any parent, they are worried about how much their children will learn. However, they know that a simple piano or a cheap keyboard are not the best options if they want their children to succeed.

In the Phoenix, AZ piano marketplace, I had many contacts with parents who were ready and able to buy a quality musical instrument for their children. I can now see that this is a very sensible decision. It doesn’t matter how good that may sound to parents, most piano dealers aren’t interested in hearing that.

As a piano salesperson, I had to convince people to buy “right away” even if they weren’t mentally ready. Though I was often tempted to believe there had to have been a better method of helping these people, back in those days it was just the way things were – you either sold or you starved. This outdated marketing strategy has resulted in thousands of orphan pianos, many of which are still unclaimed and never used.

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