Strategy Trading Errors

Why are experienced traders able to make steady profits over the years, whereas novice traders often lose all their capital within the first few trading months? What are the common mistakes that novice traders make? How do successful traders decide?

We are often asked by my colleagues, as well as myself, for trading advice. Because we get asked so frequently, I created a simple report on trading, learn more here.

This report was not written as a standard trading article. This report will present the facts in a concise, coherent and logical manner. The report will explain some of the biggest trading mistakes, and also provide you with the fundamental rules successful traders use. You can easily verify the data in this report. Over many years, they have been amassed.

Have you ever thought that after a successful profit, your predictions of the market were finally on point? Do you ever feel desperate when you make a profit, only to lose it all a few months later?

Imagine a veteran trader’s feeling after years of studying and analysing price movements. The traders have spent a lot of money on expensive indicators. The experts have told them what to do. Yet, they keep losing their money. However, he continues to lose money. The trader wonders, all the while, why he cannot make money trading despite the many promises from the guru. Trading is as predictable, simple and profitable as all other businesses.

Imagine spending years in trading, and yet still having no idea how markets function. What a frustrating experience!

You could even lose your control if you allow yourself to be ruled by emotions. That would mean you’d lose your entire money, right? You should have an emergency response plan.

If you have suffered a large loss, you may be asked how soon you will recover.

Beginners as well as “experienced traders” tend to either ignore or forget the necessity to protect money from disasters. Often it is too late once the disaster strikes.

What if I had never felt that before?

As a result of our experience with institutional and individual clients, in Europe and the USA, it has been found that on average 9 out 10 traders lose between a couple thousand dollars, to well over a hundred million.

This does not include the cost of books, training seminars and intensive courses.

The results of poor trading may vary depending on the situation. Even though the losses are high, traders will continue to suffer. All of their money, for the majority, will be lost. It can get worse.

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