RHEL Managed Services- What can Businesses gain from them?

Containers are a great way to empower your employees and boost innovation. The opportunity is great, but it also brings complexity. You cannot manage or create your container environment. You can ask yourself if you are able to manage, secure and upgrade Kubernetes. RHEL Managed Services will reduce the complexity in your operation environment. This allows you to spend more time creating and scaling new applications which adds value to your company. Tell us how RHEL Managed Services will benefit your business, find more.

The time from value to operational efficiency is accelerated.

Clusters can be managed by a self-service dashboard in just minutes. Developers are 90% more productive for testing, deployment and other tasks. A shorter time to the market also allows more focus on high-value apps.

The pricing for managed services is flexible and based on consumption. This includes daily operations, infrastructure, and all other types of management.

Managed services and expert advice are available 24/7.

RHEL managed services provide a back-up financial service with SLAs up to 99.9%. High-security pricing is available with features that are automated.

Kubernetes can reduce the cost to own a system.

Red Hat’s fully-managed service: Red Hat, unlike other managed services, provides the full management stack, which includes Kubernetes control plane. Our SRE global experts are at your disposal 24×7.

Red Hat Managed Services is more than just Kubernetes. The platform includes features such as monitoring, security and logging. Kubernetes can be built on.

Red Hat OpenShift runs on major cloud platforms. Red Hat OpenShift Managed Services can run across every major public cloud platform. This gives users the flexibility to pick which services best meet their needs.

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