Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

The two are often used together to treat disorders of the musculoskeletal and physical system. They are primarily concerned with relieving pain, preventing permanent disability, and returning injured people to self-sufficiency and productivity. Physical therapy services include evaluating, diagnosing, and treating disorders in the musculoskeletal systems so that patients are able to resume an active lifestyle read the full info here.

Patients who have suffered from severe injuries or accidents need physical therapy to regain their mobility, flexibility, and coordination. Physical therapy and rehabilitation can help with conditions such as permanent disabilities due to accidents, strokes and traumatic brain injury, as well birth defects, developmental delays, muscle weakness and brain injuries.

Physical therapists use techniques like strength training, stretching, balance and coordination exercises, cold packs and hot compresses as well as electrical stimulation and ultrasound therapy to help patients regain normal function. Physical therapy is classified in a variety of areas, including orthopedic physical therapy and geriatric therapy.

Orthopedic physical therapists deal with injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal systems, as well as rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery. Physical therapy for the elderly and neurological therapy are focused on disorders of the nervous system. Patients with cardiopulmonary diseases or who have undergone cardiac or pulmonary surgery can benefit from cardiovascular and pulmonary rehab physical therapy, while pediatric physical therapies help detect health issues in children early.

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