Perfumery’s Treasures, the Perfect Scented Surprise!

Trying to make sense of the “fragrances mans” sea can seem as difficult as decoding a mysterious star language. Gifting signature scents is a great way to express your personality. Each bottle at ESNC Perfumery is a testament to a promise made, a memory created, or a trip taken. The festive bells are ringing or your birthday is approaching, so let’s discover the perfect gift for men, more help?

1. Classic Connoisseurs:

A few men are drawn to vintage elegance and love everything that is timeless. It would be perfect for them to have a fragrance that is reminiscent of woody notes, with subtle hints like leather or tobacco. It is more than just a perfume; it pays homage to the golden age.

2. Modern Mavericks

In constant motion, always up to date with fashion, and keen to welcome the future, modern men deserve a perfume which matches their speed. Select a combination of aquatic notes combined with citrus to capture dynamic energy and vibrancy.

3. The Nature Nurturer

A scent inspired by nature will be appreciated if your man finds peace in mountains, forests or near the sea. If you’re looking for something green and herbaceous, consider a scent that is reminiscent to a marine breeze.

4. This Spicy Spirit

When this charismatic man enters a space, heads are turned. Don’t hesitate to give him a powerful scent, perhaps with intense spicy notes.

5. The Subtle Sophisticate

A man who isn’t a big fan of flashy colors, he prefers subtle and elegant scents. He would love a blend of delicate musks with light florals and citruses.

6. Alchemists:

Why choose just one, when you could explore them all. A curated collection of minis would make a great gift. Giving him a globe and saying “Explore!” is the same as giving him a guide to the entire world. Each day, each mood, a different scent.

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