Odor Treatment After Carpet Cleaning

Imagine you have just spent a day cleaning carpets in northern beaches – thoroughly, deeply, and without leaving a single speck behind. It looks like the carpet is brand new! There’s still a smell. Why does this happen even after thorough cleaning? Why is an odor treatment a final step, recommended site? Unravel the mystery of aroma!

1. Smells and Cleaning: The Science of Smells and Cleaning

Cleaning can unintentionally activate forgotten smells. Imagine waking up an apathetic giant. Moisture from carpet cleaning may mix with contaminants that are not visible, leading to an odor.

2. After-cleaning Dampness

After cleaning, carpets may feel dry on the surface but moisture can remain trapped in the fibers. Mildew and mould thrive in damp environments, so they are not the best company for your nose.

3. The Old Stains Tell a Story

Do you remember the wine spillage from Christmas last year or Fido’s accident in July? Even though the stains may be removed, their smell can still linger. These ghostly smells can be revived by deep cleaning, so odor treatments are necessary afterward.

4. Cleaners can leave a residual odor

While many carpet cleaners are effective at removing stains, they can also leave a chemical smell behind. It’s not unpleasant but it is different than the clean, fresh scent that many home owners desire.

5. Enhancing the Clean Feeling

It’s not just the appearance that counts; it is also how your home feels and smells. An odor treatment is the perfect way to finish off your carpet cleaning. It will make you home smell fresh and clean.

6. Vibes of Cleanliness That Last Longer

It’s not just about instant satisfaction. The treatments also serve as a barrier, which helps to prevent future odors.

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