No Places To Use Telescoping Poles

Excitement is driving your enthusiasm to install a new telescoping telescoping-flagpole. Be aware there are certain locations that will not allow you to install a flagpole. These are some of the locations that you can’t install a flagpole – visit us!

Homeowners Associations are subject to certain limitations

A HOA may restrict the place where you can erect a flagpole. Flagpoles can be banned by some HOAs. However, other may require certain heights, positions, or materials. Consult your HOA for any laws or restrictions that may apply before mounting a bannerpole.

Older neighborhoods

It may be difficult to erect your flagpole in an area that is designated a historical district. The laws that prohibit the construction of flagpoles could have a significant impact on height, materials, and position. Consult with your historic preservation board in advance of building a fagpole.

Private Property

It is very rare to be able to place a flagpole in public areas, such a parks, streets, or walkways. Sometimes, it is permissible to place a large flagpole within the boundaries of a park or public space.

Energy Easements

Some sections of the property are marked as easements for utilities, allowing them to perform maintenance on their equipment. Installations of flagpoles or anything else on, near, or above such places are often prohibited. Be sure not to violate any easement agreements by checking with your local utility provider before putting up a new flagpole.

The conclusion is that there are many places in which a telescoping fagpole cannot be erected. They include homeowners’ associations (HOA), public land and utilities easements. By contacting appropriate authorities, confirm compliance to all applicable laws and ordinances prior to installing a telescoping flagpole. Proper planning and preparation can help you proudly raise your flag, without having to worry about legal or safety implications.

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