Moldavite is the Emerald Gem of Galactic Heart

Each crystal and stone is magical and different. They each have their own unique properties and energies. These energies can resonate with us at certain times in our lives, when we need them. Moldavite, where to buy moldavite online? one such remarkable stone and one that is the most powerful, has the same hue as the Heart Chakra and the latest energies.

Let’s examine the uniqueness and beauty of this precious stone. Moldavite (a tektite) is a mysterious, glassy group that formed almost 15,000,000 years ago from the collision of a meteor with Earth (14.8 to be precise). It is believed to only have fallen once from the skies, above what is now known as the Moldau River Valley (Czechoslovakia). These green gems are found only in the Czech Republic. These precious gems have been valued by humans for thousands upon thousands of years. They are still presented as gifts to royalty and the kings. Moldavite is often associated with the Stone of the Holy Grail. The “emerald”, a stone that fell from the sky, is believed to be a talisman and can heal the Earth. It also acts as an accelerator for one’s inner and spiritual growth. Moldavite’s powerful energy can be felt by even people who are not normally sensitive to stones’ energies.

Moldavite can create many fascinating and immediate reactions. It is not something you can play with, however, because the vibrations it produces are so powerful, anyone not used to them may feel quite drained as your vibrational energies speed up to match it.

Moldavite is a powerful Chakra activator and opener. This includes the Heart, Crown and 3rd Eye Chakras. Although it tends to be most effective in activating the Chakras in the physical and etheric body, its energy will still move towards the heart.

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