How to manage your eBay account

You have successfully registered eBay as a company. This is the first step to becoming a successful business. Your eBay sales will increase and your eBay fees will rise. You should first set up eBay so that PayPal pays your eBay fees monthly. Although this is easy, it’s important to keep your PayPal account topped up to cover your eBay fees. Let’s read more about How to manage multiple eBay accounts?.

You will be billed every month from the 20th of each month. When you call eBay, you will be told that you must pay the outstanding balance. You can choose 2 to ignore this message. You will then see your eBay balance drop around the first of each month. Remember to always take into consideration any outstanding fees when you calculate your fees.

You will see the balance of any fees due when you update any item on eBay. You should know the eBay fees that you owe when you transfer your PayPal account balance to your bank.

Customers may purchase an item, but not pay for it. This item will be added to your section awaiting payment. You should keep an eye on these items as they could be sent to the state where you can file a complaint against the buyer for not paying. If you are permitted to, open the case. Customers can get very upset when you open a case against them. I’ve received many complaints about opening a legal case. I received threatening emails and complaints about this. You can’t file a complaint against a customer, but they will very quickly open a case against you. Many people pay quickly once you open a case. Ten cases are often opened and six people pay.

Customers will contact you. Customers will often purchase two items and only buy one. After that, you send an invoice for the item they have not yet purchased. This is until eBay starts to contact you about the case that has just been opened. You will then receive an email complaining that eBay has contacted you. After checking, you’ll see that a Resolution Centre case is open. The case is closed and the order can be cancelled. For cancellation of the order, contact the buyer. Don’t tell the buyer that you have already cancelled your order. Otherwise, they won’t accept the email. Once they accept your email, you will get your fees back. While it may not seem like a lot, it quickly adds up when you consider the costs of over 300 items.

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