Holiday Spirit Films: Five Movies You Must Watch

In order to incite the rich and vivid memories that the Christmas season is capable of evoking, many forms of movies about the holidays have been produced. Many different types of Christmas movies exist, from sappy romance comedies to pure horror. It’s not surprising that the best movies create a magic fantasy world which encompasses holiday spirit. You can get in the festive spirit by watching these five films. Click here.

1. Krampus

Krampus may be a Halloween film, but it has the makings of a classic Christmas film. Max is an innocent, but devoted boy. He has to face his dysfunctional, tomboy family as well as being bullied. As his anger leads him to lose Christmas spirit, Max tears apart a Santa note and throws out of the window. Max’s forgotten note unleashes Krampus, the horned creature that terrorizes kids who aren’t festive. To survive, they will have to stick together.

2. Home Alone

It is a classic Christmas comedy that tells the story of Kevin McCallister (8 years old), who was accidentally abandoned in the loft after his large family and parents left for Paris. Kevin finds his entire family is gone, a dream he’d had. Kevin enjoys the role of man of the home until two burglars plan to break into his home and ruin the holiday celebrations. Kevin has to use his wits as well as his boobytrapping skills to defeat two greedy and goofy burglars, Joe Pesci (as himself) and Daniel Stern. He must do this before his holiday spirit is ruined.

3. Christmas Story

This cult Christmas classic has been a hit for years. Ralphie Park, an awkward child, has to face school bullies as well his parents. His enthusiasm is also waning. Ralphie has a burning desire to obtain an Red Ryder rifle as a Christmas gift from Santa. However, he is also concerned about his safety and his ability to complete his mission.

4. Elf

Will Ferrell portrays Buddy, who is a young human that was taken to the North Pole and raised by Santa’s Elves. Buddy slowly begins to notice that he’s different than his elvin family members and eventually he embarks upon a trip to New York City where he seeks out his real father, Walter Hobbs. Walter Hobbs happens to be a morally bankrupted businessman. Walter and Buddy put on a show after they undergo a DNA test and try to restart their father/son bond. This ends in disaster.

5. Die Hard

John McClaine (off duty cop) is visiting his estranged ex-wife during a Christmas party in the corporate headquarters, a huge and luxurious high rise. John becomes the only person who can stop a terrorist group from taking over the office building. His wife is left with no hope for survival.

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