Expert Reviews: The Best Dual Fuel Grills for Flexible Cooking

BBQs are more than just meals. They can occur on weekdays or take the entire Sunday afternoon. It is important to have a variety of food to cater to everyone when planning a barbeque. The traditional BBQ features a lot of meat, but today you have to consider vegetarians as well as children. What you are doing is adding a little variety to your usual BBQ. Read more now on Our guide to the best dual fuel grills has all the info you need

As you imagine the classic barbeque problem, your mind will be filled with images of juicy and fat steaks. Also quarter and half-pound hamburgers. Instead of these traditional foods, offer healthy side dishes or healthier alternatives. When you have kids at the meal or are simply cooking food on the barbecue for your loved ones, take into account their diets. It is important to consider what to prepare for kids who don’t consume a large amount of meat.

Grilled foods include chicken pieces and ribs. Also, you can grill burgers with sausages. And of course, jacket potatoes in foil. The way that you cook your food, particularly the chicken, is also a very dangerous subject. When barbeques take place, people are in a good mood and leave food out to dry. It is best to pre cook the meats that are large or thick, such as chicken chunks. Then place the cooked pieces on the grill to finish. It will give you the best taste and you can be assured that your meat has been cooked properly to the bone.

Now, for the vegetarians, fussy eaters on diets, kids, and those who are on a strict budget, we have a great selection of sausages. They will also love our burgers and spicy chipolata. Tofu sausages and spicy bean burgers are great alternatives to meat for kids who don’t like to eat it in the sunshine. The vegetarians will be happy to eat these if you cook them alongside meats. Try using stick-kebabs that contain large quantities of vegetables, or make traffic light pepper-based vegetable sticks for those who are trying to lose weight.

Finally, you should consider other options for food. Don’t assume that just because you host a BBQ you will cook every single thing on your BBQ. To accompany your meats, serve some tasty side dishes, such as salads or chips and salsa. The bread is a good filler for these meals, and it doesn’t need to be plain. If you want to impress your guests, serve “pan with tomate”. It is a Spanish food staple that consists of freshly ripe tomatoes pulp, olive oils and fresh garlic.

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