Contractual Savings Institutions

They invest the money in various capital markets such as Forex. These companies include retirement funds and insurance firms. In this category, institutions receive money from contractual obligations to pension funds and policies holders, check my source.

Therefore, these institutions are not concerned about liquidity. They are also able to hold long-term bonds and investments.

A contract saving institution can be found in the insurance industry. Selling insurance that covers income loss resulting from early retirement or death can be a way for a life insurance firm to make money. Benefits are paid to the beneficiary in cases of death and retirement. Some insurance plans include savings. Since life insurance firms can rely on a predictable, consistent flow of capital and predictable withdrawals from their accounts Contractual Savings Institutions – Articles of Associations they are able to invest in assets that offer high returns over the long run like stocks or bonds. The state that regulates life insurance companies is the same as for deposit-type financial institution.

The casualty insurer is another form of contractual saving institution. Casualty Insurance Companies protect property from damage caused by accidents, fires and theft. Insurance premiums are the primary source of financing for these companies. Policies of casualty are pure risk-protection policies. This means that they have no value in cash. In this case, policyholders do not have any liquidity. This is why cash flows from policy claims do not match the patterns of life insurance. The institution you choose will depend on the type of service that is required. One of the main reasons why they’re so vital to our economy is because these institutions are able to provide what you need.

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