Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon to Perform Your Facelift

Locate your top Board Certified plastic surgeon to perform a facelift (or other cosmetic surgeries) on men or women, additional info?

As discussed earlier, the most economical way to have a facelift done is by choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon. It is still the safest choice, because black market cosmetic surgery can lead to death and permanent disfigurement. The phone book alone will not suffice. Following are some tips for your search.

Widen Your Net. Asking your friends and family for referrals is the most effective way to get started. Ask your hairstylist. They see women everyday. Ask your gynecologist. She is responsible for caring for women prior to, during, and post-pregnancy. Consult friends and colleagues who have undergone or are familiar with a mastectomy.

Make the most of Google. The Internet can help you find great board certified surgeons. If you’re looking for a board-certified plastic doctor, try searching “best surgeons from (your city/state), or “board certified doctors in _____”. If you find sponsored links advertising what your are searching for, don’t be shy about clicking them.

Make an appointment for a one-on-1 consultation. Talk to several doctors and make connections. Find a cosmetic surgeon that you can feel comfortable with, who exudes professionalism, shows off his or her portfolio enthusiastically, and is willing to answer your questions. You should feel confident about the possibility of having an operation performed on you.

It is important to pre-screen his business. A call to the surgery’s receptionist before your appointment can help you get a better feel for the environment of the clinic. It is not good to have rude, unfriendly receptionists or those who are always cutting you off when talking. An environment that is more warm and friendly shows respect to you, as a client. And for all of the money you are going to spend, it’s important you get the very best care possible before, after and during your surgery.

Stay away from sensational ads. In the newspaper, advertisements for cheap, no-money-down surgery are likely to be unlicensed and non-professional. The real value of a good doctor is evident in his charges, regardless of the recession. Don’t forget that what you spend is worth it.

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