Catering Equipment That Delivers Results!

Customer satisfaction is king! That’s a fact and none so much as in the catering trade. As a business owner it is imperative to give your patrons more than great food, more than great service. Today your customers are looking for a great experience! it is vital that diners enjoy their experience or they may never return and worse they will tell their friends and with no customers you’re out of business combi oven.

Understanding your customers is vital and you will have a theme and cuisine tailored for your market.

A great example is the Oven restaurant in Darlington. “Keeping it simple” is the Oven Restaurant motto when it comes to the food –

Chef Tarek Thoma uses the very best local English produces, treats them with care to extract its fullest flavour and presents it with flair and style. Great care has been taken give the diners a “dining experience”. From the surroundings to the ambient lighting it’s more than just the quality of the food. (which is superb)

Any great restaurant has at its backbone a great kitchen. The pressure of a busy kitchen has lead to major advances in the catering equipment industry, with catering equipment manufacturers rolling out new improved and amazingly efficient appliances. As restaurant owners it is just as important to relieve the pressure on the kitchen by providing the correct or more efficient catering equipment allowing the chef’s to concentrate on delivering great food with style and flair.

Catering Equipment suppliers are ever more challenged to provide the level of service to support the catering trade. As owner/ operators are often so busy they have very little time after service to search out and research the market. The prohibitive costs of brand new catering equipment often leads to a great deal of time searching the second hand market looking for the right equipment at a second hand price.

Just like buying a brand new car, as soon as you take ownership of your brand spanking piece of commercial equipment, remove the plastic and light the burner, it has become “used” and like the car will suffer most of its depreciation within the first year. Professional catering equipment has been engineered specifically for a busy working life, designed to withstand the rigours of the professional kitchen. Should a kitchen re-design or an unfortunate business closure happen this equipment comes onto the market hardly used!

The owner operator can find a solution to finding the right catering equipment and save themselves the cost of heavy depreciation by buying second hand. Rather than jumping onto eBay and buying into the unknown, professional equipment suppliers exist with enormous experience in this market, and most will be more than happy to discuss your needs from the right combi oven to deliver 70 pieces of salmon in 4 minutes, to a complete kitchen design from the ground up, all fully guaranteed and of course a huge saving on buying new.

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